Nostalgia - the Band
All the guys and gals in this band have been in rock ‘n roll cover bands since high school, though in different states.
The PoorBoys (Doug's band) opened once at the Lagoon Terrace for the inimitable BeachBoys. 
Nobody’s Children (Bruce's band) was voted the best band in New Mexico!
Thornwood Mill (Verdi's band) toured the country performing at universities, hotels, resorts and clubs.  MGM even picked up one of his songs “You’ve Given Me Love” and cut a record!  A What?  Vinyl, you know….
JoJo Lefty (Ned and Joey's band) has done a lot of original music and has entertained at various venues with the original groove....
One member of Auld’sKool was a soloist with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!  WOW! Now that rocks!

We decided in 2011 that the band needed a better looking "front".  Thus, we decided to invite some female talent to join us at the start of each new season.  

Kelli Moyle has been a soloist performing rendering her own tunes in the clubs of SLC, Waukegan IL, and on stage with a few famous folk artists.  She plays acoustic, electric, sax, percussion and lead vocals.

Nancy Hanson is a known quantity along the Wasatch Front.  She is what we call a 'seasoned professional'.  Nancy has been on the big stage with local quality artists doing her mellow country/bluegrass original work.  We've pushed her out of her comfort zone by asking her to add her silky smooth lead vocals to some of the funnest old time rock 'n roll out there.

Holly Arballo is our most recent addition who will join us for the 2015 Race For The Cure and beyond.  She is an incredible talent, writing her own music that we will perform this season.  Her style leans towards the blues/jazz spectrum and you will be pleased!

These ladies have graced us with the pleasure of their incredible talent and will appear on regular ocassions.  Thanks!

In the words of Jack Black in School of Rock quoting AC/DC…..
“For those who are about to rock, we salute you!”
(Current Configuration 2023)

Holly Arballo - Lead vocals, Guitar, Uke, percussion
Ryan Miller – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Doug Olson – Bass, Vocals
Geoff White – Keyboards, Percussions, Vocals
Verdi White - Lead vocals, Keyboards
EddieStix - Drums

(aka: Alan Greenall)

(Past Perfomers)
Rick Egan - Drums, Vocals
Ned Nerdin - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Nancy Hanson - Lead vocals, guitar
Tim Lunt – Drums

Kelli Moyle -  Lead vocals, Guitar, Sax
Joey Naso - Drums
Bruce Sullivan - Lead vocals, lead guitar
Dave Sullivan - Keyboards, guitar, vocals, percussion